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When you view a home with a listing agent, remember...that agent has been hired by the seller to represent his or her best interests - not yours. 

Many times real estate buyers avoid using the services of a REALTOR® under the mistaken belief they will be able to negotiate a better deal directly with the listing agent.

As commission monies have already been allocated by the time a property is on-market, this is more often than not, completely untrue.

Worse yet, without an in-depth knowledge of local customs, laws, contracts, neighborhoods, and more, it can be an extrmely expensive mistake when buying a home - even more so when making a cash offer.
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The Rockville Real Estate Exchange's mission is to collect, organize, and disseminate information regarded to local real estate.

We're the first real estate brokerage in the country where you may read about every neighborhood in an entire metropolitan area, see what's for sale and what's for rent in each location, and reach out to a true neighborhood expert living in the area.

 Anne Markus 
Trusting Andy to sell my home and find me a new one at the same time - without incorporating a lengthy rent-back period or apartment rental in-between - proved to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.

No matter how big or small the challenge at hand, Andy is always one step ahead.

He understands your needs without much explaining; will tailor a plan to your specific situation; and, bring in great results within your desired timeline.

No matter what kind of road blocks you might encounter on your house-selling-and-buying-journey, consider these issues solved before you knew they existed.

Andy is extremely knowledgeable on the Rockshire neighborhood and understands the market; he's smart and quick thinking.

At the same time he is very thorough, a strong negotiator, fantastic communicator, endlessly patient, and always available.

Best of all, he takes care of all your worries so you can sleep well at night while knowing you have a strong professional in your corner - someone you can completely trust.

Did I mention he makes you feel like you are his number one priority?

Yep, VIP treatment for everyone
 Paul Cencula 
Andy was a pleasure to work with.

His analytical and service-oriented approach resulted in a very successful buying experience for us.

His availability and responsiveness allowed us to get through the offer and settlement quickly and efficiently.

We could not have done it without him.  
 Josh Wenger
Andy was my agent for the purchase of a condo in Rockville in Fall 2017.

I was unfamiliar with the process and unsure where to even begin, so Andy's extensive knowledge was extremely helpful.

I really appreciated the kind of information he sought from me to make sure he found the right place, and I also appreciate his patience when I inevitably didn't have an answer for those questions.

Most of all, Andy's professional approach made sure I never felt remotely overwhelmed, which is how home buying always seemed before.
 Darren Miao
Working with Andy has been an amazing experience and could not recommend him more highly for anyone looking to purchase a home.

Not only is he extremely professional and knowledgeable about the local real estate market, but Andy is also a genuinely friendly and fun individual to work with.

He truly cares about his clients and will work tirelessly to ensure that they are prepared and well-informed throughout the home buying process.

My wife, 2-year old son, and I met Andy over a year ago through his website when we first moved to the area and were looking for a place to rent.

Even though we had not intention to purchase a home at a time, Andy was extremely responsive and happily lined up rental apartments for us to look at.

He not only helped us better understand Maryland's rental laws, but he even helped negotiate with our landlord and reviewed the contract before we signed.

Fast forward 8 months when my wife and I started to consider purchasing a home.

Even though we were just testing the waters, Andy sat with us to help explain the home buying the process and introduced us to people in his network to assist us in our decision-making process as well as to best prepare ourselves when we started looking.

This guidance was extremely helpful given that my wife and I were first-time home buyers and really helped us get ready for the plunge.

Once we started the home search process, Andy always was available for questions and happy to show us properties that fit our schedules.

When we were ready to submit an offer, Andy was great in providing insight into market conditions to help us craft a strong offer.

For the house we ended up purchasing, Andy's advice allowed us to put in a winning bid before the property went to open house and quarterbacked the process so we could close in 21 days.

Overall, I could not have been happier working with Andy and offer my unreserved recommendation for those looking for a great real estate agent. 
 Sandra Gleason
I have purchased several properties in the past; (my experience with Andy) was the best experience of all.

Andy kept me continually updated by email and telephone in a timely manner; always made sure I knew what would happen next by staying in touch with the seller’s agent, the mortgage company and the title company; consistently did what he said he would do; and, quickly answered my questions.

His client service ethic is outstanding, and his advice was honest and thoughtful.

I contacted Andy when I decided to move from Pennsylvania to the Maryland suburbs of the Washington, DC metro area and buy a condominium.

We took an initial trip together along the Metro Red line to see units and learn about Metro and bus travel options.

This also gave us time to discuss what I was looking for.

Andy listened to me and worked to meet my needs and location interests.

The result was a successful purchase in Maryland in 2016.

There was nothing Andy could have done better. I highly recommend him.

 Ross Bryant 
I started working with Andy on my home/condo search almost two years ago.

Despite a never-ending changing of plans, he has provided me exemplary service every step along the way.

Early on, Andy connected me with appropriate lender resources to navigate my complicated personal finances.

After doing so, it was clear I was not going to be able to get my purchase completed in a traditional manner.

As I retooled my strategy, Andy stayed in touch, helping me navigate the market and refine my focus. Sure enough, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

The day came when I was able to make a cash offer on a foreclosure I had been waiting to hit the market.

Andy got me out there right away, wrote up an offer, and expertly navigated the process (it was a VA foreclosure AND a condo, making the whole situation even more complicated).

Despite his best efforts, I lost the deal to a higher bid from an investor. At this point, I was pretty despondent.

However, Andy told me to keep my head up and stay ready – something else was sure to come along.

Just a few weeks afterwards, an even better property hit the market.

Even though I was sure I had no chance – and didn’t want to get my hopes up – Andy explained the differences between the foreclosure process and a standard transaction.

Namely, there were multiple things we/he could do to make my offer stronger – and take advantage of the human factor that was now more in-play (as opposed to the foreclosure where we couldn’t even talk to the agent).

We put the offer in immediately.

Although there were multiple bids again – some higher than mine – my offer ended up being the winner.

Andy literally “won” me my home with his professional knowledge and sales expertise.

After I had a ratified contract, he continued to consult with me and help me connect with the right resources to solve complicated tax/ownership issues.

Everyone was phenomenally skilled and professional.

I will certainly look forward to working with Andy again – and referring him to other family/friends in the future.
 Adam Chomski
I just closed on a condo in Rockville and I couldn't have done it without Andy.

As an agent, Andy was absolutely top-notch in every respect.

He was knowledgeable about the area, the particular condo building I wished to buy in, and the buying process for a first-time home buyer like myself.

He guided me every step of the way and connected me with excellent service providers, including my lender, title company, and home inspector.

Given how overwhelming the home buying process can be, I greatly appreciated his willingness to assist and make the process as smooth as possible.

If you're looking for an honest, reliable and helpful agent, look no further than Andy!

You will be in *excellent* hands.

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